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The Infrastructure Branch Training Centre (IBTC) opened in 2013 under Chief Directorate Construction Management. Initially the Training Centre only serviced the Construction Units within the Department but thereafter it was realized that there was a need to extend the training services to the rest of the Branch, DWS and the Water Sector. Therefore from 1 April 2019 IBTC became the Training Centre for Branch Infrastructure, Build, Operate and Maintenance.

The Training Centre is currently under the Directorate: Technical Engineering Services which lies under the Chief Directorate: Engineering Services within Branch Infrastructure, Build, Operate and Maintenance.

The Director: Technical Engineering Services, Mr Vincent Monene provides strategic leadership to the Centre. Ms Rosa Mfomade-Rahube is the Training Centre Manager and is responsible for the daily operations of the Centre.

The Training Centre Manager is supported by a team of seven (7) officials: Two (2) Training Managers, one (1) Quality Assurance Manager, one (1) Chief Administrative Clerk, one (1) Admin Officer and two (2) Cleaners.

IBTC is situated at Roodeplaat Dam and consists of an Administrative Block and an Accommodation Block. The administration block has an Auditorium (seating 65 people), three (3) training rooms (seating 18 people), a computer room (seating 18 people) and a Boardroom (seating 25 people).

The accommodation block has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area and is able to accommodate 54 people in 30 rooms which offer shared and single units depending on the need. The accommodation service is currently not available due to a shortage of personnel and budget. The kitchen and dining facilities can accommodate up to 200 people.

The Centre also has three (3) workshops earmarked for future technical trainings.


The function of IBTC is to be the central point for the coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all training related interventions within the Branch and is also responsible for:

  • Development of Artisans and other trades.
  • Support the development of new occupational qualifications/ aligning legacy qualifications with the needs of the Department.
  • Accreditation of DWS training programmes and facilities with the relevant quality assurance bodies.
  • National and International Partnerships relating to capacity development.

IBTC provides group training to all Non-SMS and OSD officials within the Branch IBOM and has planned more than 600 interventions for the 2019/2020 financial year which includes artisan development, technical and soft-skills training for within the Branch.


IBTC is accredited with MerSETA for Basic OHS programme and International Computer Driving License (ICDL). ICDL caters for basic, intermediary and advance computer skills training.

Construction Central workshop at Jan Kempdorp was approved by MerSETA for workplace component for Diesel Mechanic, Boiler Maker, Panel Beating, Painting and OHS unit standards. The workshop at Jan Kempdorp has a potential to train artisans through Apprenticeship and is one of the Satellite Training Centres of IBTC.

The Centre has been identified as an Assessment Centre for Water Sector Qualifications.

IBTC is also implementing Technical and Soft-skills group training for the Branch which is currently out-sourced. Training interventions are communicated through the Training Coordinators from the various components within the Branch.


Construction North (Tzaneen) – Not yet functional

  • Carpentry
  • Brick laying
  • Welding to be extended to Boiler making

Construction East (Standerton) – Not yet functional

  • Construction Electrical
  • Plumbing

Boskop Training Centre (Potchefstroom)

  • Water Control Officer training which includes Water Measurement and Water Distribution.
  • Plumbing


Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has partnered with South African Local Government Association (SALGA) to request technical support from Japanese International Cooperative Agency (JICA) to strengthen the training capacity of the IBTC for the benefit of the water sector. JICA approved the Technical Assistance (TA) project with an endorsement from National Treasury. An agreement was signed between the water sector and JICA on 21 April 2017. From September 2019 IBTC will be offering training on Non-Revenue Water to municipal officials throughout the country. This project is in partnership with SALGA and the Japanese Government through the JICA.

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