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Sanitation Related Policy
National Sanitation Policy
December 2016
Pholisi ya Naga ya Kelelatšhila
Waste Management Policy
Waste Management Guidelines
Application for Disposal Site Permit [pdf 271KB]
Waste Management Guidelines
Guidelines for handling, treatment and disposal of Abattoir Waste [pdf 16KB]
Waste Management Guidelines
Guidelines for Leachate Control [pdf 17KB]
Waste Management Guidelines
Disposal Site Definition [pdf 23KB]
Waste Management Guidelines
Waste Incineration Process (Process 39) [pdf 22KB]
Waste Management Policies
Asbestos - Handling Asbestos containing waste [pdf 36KB]
Waste Management Policies
Exemptions - Procedure with regard to issuing of Exemptions [pdf 15KB]
Waste Management Policies
Farms - The registration of small private non-commercial Farm Waste Disposal Site [pdf 10KB]
Waste Management Policies
Groundwater - Groundwater Quality Management in South Africa [pdf 161KB]
Waste Management Policies
Medical Waste - Policy on the Disposal of Medical Waste [pdf 16KB]
Waste Management Policies
Metal Finishing - Metal finishing sludge [pdf 6KB]
Waste Management Policies
Sanitary Waste - Policy on the Disposal of Sanitary Waste [pdf 15KB]
Waste Management Policies
Flourescent Tubes - Disposal of Flourescent Tubes collected in large quantities [pdf 8KB]
Waste Management Policies
Cemeteries - Interim arrengement [pdf 12KB]
Water-Related Policy
Draft Position Paper for Water Allocation Reform in South Africa, January 2005
Comments are invited on the approaches outlined in the paper. Closing date: 27 May 2005
Draft sanitation paper for African Sanitation & Hygiene Conference
Executive Summary National Water Policy Positions
Final National Water Policy Positions Document, 31 January 2014
Introductory Policy Note regarding regulation of Water Service Providers
National Sanitation Policy - White Paper. August 1996
National Water Policy for South Africa - White Paper. April 1997
National Water Policy Review (NWPR)
Policy and Procedure for the establishment of advisory committees (FINAL Draft)
Policy on Financial Assistance to Resource Poor Irrigation Farmers, 29 September 2004
Regulations on Financial Assistance to Resource Poor Farmers (Government Gazette 30427, Notice R 1036), 31 October 2007
Sanitation Services: A Water Services Act Interpretative Guide. A guide to the Water Services Act (Act No. 108 of 1997) from a sanitation services perspective
Services on Privately Owned Land Policy November 2023
Towards a Water Services White Paper - Issues and options Discussion Paper
Water Conservation and Demand Management National Strategy - Draft May 1999
Water supply and Sanitation Policy - White Paper. November 1994
Water use licensing (FINAL Draft) : The Policy and procedure for licensing stream flow reduction activities
White Paper on Basic Household Sanitation
Water-Related Policy : Using Water for Aquaculture Purposes
Guideline for Authorising the Use of Water for Aquaculture, March 2007
Operational Policy: Use of Water for Aquaculture Purposes, April 2006
Water-Related Policy : Using Water for Recreational Purposes
Thukela Water Project Feasibility Study (Part 2)
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