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Purpose: The purpose of the Directorate: Sources Directed Studies (D: SDS) is to develop, implement and improve policies, strategies and guidelines for the development of SDC measures.

Description of functions:

Chapter 3 of the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) makes provision for the Protection of the water resources, of which Part 3 deals with Pollution prevention. The Directorate: SDS functions include:

  • a) Leading Sources Directed Studies / Research
  • b) Developing policies, strategies, systems, methodologies and guidelines for Sources Directed Control (SDC) measures.
  • c) Development of the Rehabilitation Management Guidelines for Water Resources.
  • d) The development of the National Eutrophication Strategy
  • e) Ensure the protection of water resources in terms of the SDC for water resources.
  • f) Scientific and technical SDC support for the implementation of strategic imperatives (rehabilitation, remediation, Climate Change, National Water Resource Strategy (NWRS) and International Engagements (ORASECOM).
  • g) Development and maintenance of strategic relationships within the department and broader water sector.
  • h) Develop and maintain the necessary SDC support required to fulfil this function.
  • i) Financial planning according to PFMA and MTEF.

The service rendered by the Directorate: Sources Directed Studies (D: SDS):

  • Protection of the water resources

Sources Directed Studies – Active Projects

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