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FROC - Reference frequency of occurrence of fish species

This report explains the background and process for formulating a fish reference Frequency of Occurrence (FROC) database.

Purpose of the Reference FROC :

To provide consistent reference Frequency of Occurrence for more than 700 fish sites in South Africa.

In what context to use the data :

For applying:
  • the Fish Response Assessment Index (FRAI)
  • procedures that require a reference fish assemblage, for example extrapolation from known sites to unknown sites.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that users participate in training courses and contact the authors of this document when using the database.

Download the Fish reference Frequency of Occurrence report (6Mb).

Draft maps for each Water Management Area (WMA), showing the localities of all sites for which the FROC has been undertaken. Final database which provides the Fish Frequency of Occurrence for each of the 19 WMAs.
WMA1Limpopo.jpg WMA1Limpopo.xls
WMA2LuvuvuLethaba.jpg WMA2_LuvuvuLetaba.xls
WMA3CrocMarico.jpg WMA3CrocMarico.xls
WMA4Olifants.jpg WMA4_Olifants.xls
WMA5Inkomati.jpg WMA5_Inkomati.xls
WMA6UsuthuMhlatuze.jpg WMA6_UsutuMhlatuze.xls
WMA7Thukela.jpg WMA7_Thukela.xls
WMA8UpperVaal.jpg WMA8_UpperVaal.xls
WMA9MiddleVaal.jpg WMA9_MiddleVaal.xls
WMA10LowerVaal.jpg WMA10_LowerVaal.xls
WMA11MvotuUmzimkulu.jpg WMA11_MvotiUmzimkulu.xls
WMA12MzimvubuKeiskamma.jpg WMA12_MzimvubuKeiskamma.xls
WMA13UpperOrange.jpg WMA13_UpperOrange.xls
WMA14LowerOrange.jpg WMA14_LowerOrange.xls
WMA15FishTsitsikamma.jpg WMA15_FishTsitsikamma.xls
WMA16Gouritz.jpg WMA16_Gouritz.xls
WMA17OlifantsDoorn.jpg WMA17_Olifantsdoring.xls
WMA18Breede.jpg WMA18_Breede.xls
WMA19Berg.jpg WMA19_Berg.xls

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