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Adopt-a-River Programme

Implementation - useful links :

Phase II - Miscellaneous documents :

Phase II - Inception report :

Phase II - Development of an Implementation Plan :

N000000RET0109Inception ReportY. Burger, P. de Souza, A. Neumann, J.N. Rossouw and L. Rossouw
N000000RET0209Database of stakeholdersA. Neumann
N000000RET0309Monitoring ModelsL. Rossouw
N000000RET0409Institutional aspects/Governance StructuresY. Burger
N000000RET0509Water Resource Quality Situation AssessmentH. Hendriks and J.N. Rossouw  
N000000RET0609Manual for Volunteer MonitoringK. Versfeld and J.N. Rossouw  
N000000RET0709Programme coordination manual for National and Regional coordinatorsT. Manxodidi and J.N. Rossouw  
N000000RET0809Communication  StructuresP. de Souza, K. Versfeld and J.N. Rossouw  
N000000RET0909Training Material and Training NeedsK. Versfeld and J.N. Rossouw  
N000000RET1009Implementation ManualY. Burger, P. de Souza, J.N. Rossouw and L. Rossouw
N000000RET1109Recommendations for the Implementation of the Adopt-a-River ProgrammeY. Burger, P. de Souza, J.N. Rossouw and L. Rossouw

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