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National Chemical Monitoring Programme for Surface Water

NCMP objectives

The National Chemical Monitoring Programme (NCMP) provides data and information on the chemical water quality of South Africa's surface water resources.

NCMP products

Summaries of archived data accessible through Google Earth, Google Maps or plain text tables.
"Cleaned" inorganic water chemistry dataset of rivers, dams, and lakes, in cooperation with North-West University.


Reports and technical information


Programme Manager : Mr Elijah Mogakabe (+27 82 808 9844)
NCMP Scientist : Mr Brendan Hohls
GEMS/WATER : Dr Harold van Niekerk


The success of the NCMP is not only dependent on the efforts of the Resource Quality Monitoring sub-directorate, but the support of many other groups and individuals. Subdirectorates at RQIS carry out scheduling, consolidation of sampling, sample reception, database development, data administration and data visualisation. The Analytical Services laboratories conduct all analyses for the water quality samples arriving at RQIS. Hydrology Regional Offices assist with the sampling not conducted by RQIS staff. Many individuals outside DWS are also involved in sampling. The success of the NCMP, therefore, lies in the cooperation of various sub-directorates within RQIS, the greater DWS, and others. Each link in the chain is vital for the success of the whole operation.

The NCMP is the longest running of the national monitoring programmes, with some sample sites having data extending back to the 1970s and earlier. This is a testament to the long-term cooperation and commitment of many individuals.

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