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Geographical Information and Archiving (GI&A) is responsible for GIS data management in the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and has the following units/teams

Data Processing unit/team

This unit is responsible for

  • GIS data capture,

  • GIS data editing,

  • GIS data quality control and

  • Preparation of corporate spatial data for incorporation into the departmental corporate spatial data base

Data Base management unit/team

It is the responsibility of this unit/team to

  • Maintain and enhance the corporate spatial database and meta database

  • To provide first line GIS support to departmental users

Data Co-ordination and digital data dissemination unit/team

This unit/team is responsible for

  • Acquiring data sets required by users (within budget constraints),

  • Liaise with departmental GIS users and the larger GIS community,

  • Manage copyright and licensing agreements

  • Digital data dissemination

  • Liaise with the Database Management team and IT

  • Archive digital GIS data

Cartographic Services unit/team

It is the responsibility of this unit/team to

  • Compile maps for departmental decision makers

  • To compile digital map services for publication on the Intra and Internet

  • To provide cartographic guidelines for maps that are produced by departmental GIS users

Aerial Surveillance and Map Library and Shop

The Map Library and Map Shop

  • Disseminates/Distributes hard copy orthophotos, aerial photography and maps sourced from the Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping (CD:S&M) and within the Department

  • Archives hardcopy orthophotos, maps and aerial photography

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