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Water quality guidelines for South Africa : First Edition 1996

Disclaimer :

the South African Water Quality Guidelines are available from the links below as individual volumes in PDF format. This is not the official source for these documents, which is now
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Warning :

Some guideline tables are inconsistent in the use of the decimal comma "," and point ".".

Guidelines for fresh water (each file about 1Mb):

Original fileFile with corrections to symbols
Domestic use Domestic use
Recreational use Recreational use
Industrial use Industrial use
Irrigation Irrigation
Livestock watering Livestock watering
Aquaculture Aquaculture
Aquatic Ecosystems Aquatic Ecosystems
Field guide Field guide

Guidelines for marine water (each file about 2Mb):

Original fileFile with corrections to symbols
Natural environment
Recreational use
Industrial use
Mariculture Mariculture

Quality of domestic water supplies: Assessment, Sampling, Analysis and Treatment Guidelines :

See Reports: Laws and Guidelines

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