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Report name Report number
Inception Report, May 2018
Status Report 1, April 2018
Training Progress Status Report 1, October 2018
Water Requirements Report, September 2018

Water Quality Management Plan for the Vaal River System

Report name Report number
Water Quality Status QUO Assesment P RSA C000/00/2305/1
Salinity Balance P RSA C000/00/2305/2
Integration of RWQOs P RSA C000/00/2305/3
WQ Economic Impact Modelling P RSA C000/00/2305/4
Water Quality Management Scenarios P RSA C000/00/2305/5
Monitoring Programme P RSA C000/00/2305/6
Water Quality Management Strategy P RSA C000/00/2305/7
Vaal River System: Large Bulk Water Supply Reconciliation Strategy, First Stage Reconciliation Strategy P RSA C000/00/4405/07
Background Information Document (BID) for the Water Resource Management Studies in the Integrated Vaal River System DWS to comment

Vaal River System: Large Bulk Water Supply Reconcliation Strategy

Report name Report number
Urban Water Requirements and Return Flows P RSA C000/00/4406/01
Vaal WCWDM Potential Assessment P RSA C000/00/4406/02
VAAL WCWDM Potential Assessment Executive Summary P RSA C000/00/4405/02
Re-use Options P RSA C000/00/4406/03
Irrigation Water Use and Return Flows P RSA C000/00/4406/04
Water Resource Analysis P RSA C000/00/4406/05
Dolomitic Groundwater Assessment P RSA C000/00/4406/06
First Stage Reconciliation Strategy Report P RSA C000/00/4406/07
Vaal Second Stage Reconciliation Strategy Report P RSA C000/00/4406/08
Vaal Reconciliation Executive Summary P RSA C000/00/4406/09

Strategy Steering Committee 1 for vaal River System

Strategy Steering Committee 2 for vaal River System

Study Steering Committee Documents

Newsletters / Background Information Documents