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Ecoclassification - Ecostatus

Note that final versions of some reports are available via the Water Research Commission web site, in PDF and print.

1. Module A, EcoStatus :

ModuleA_EcoClassification.pdf - Manual describing the process of EcoClassification.
The Manual is supported by two spreadsheet models:

2. Module D, FRAI :

D_FRAI: Module D_FRAI.pdf - Manual describing the Fish Response Assessment Index (FRAI).
The FRAI model is available as a spreadsheet:

3. Module E, MIRAI :

E_MIRAI: ModuleE_MIRAI.pdf - Manual describing the MacroInvertebrate Response Assessment Index (MIRAI).
The MIRAI model is available as a spreadsheet:

4. Module F, VEGRAI :

F_VEGRAI: ModuleF_VEGRAI.pdf - Manual describing the Riparian Vegetation Response Assessment Index (VEGRAI) Level 3 and 4.
The VEGRAI models for levels 3 and 4 are available as spreadsheets:
Field forms for VEGRAI 3 and 4 are available in a DOC file:

5. Module G, IHI :

Section 1, Technical manual : IHI_manual_technical.pdf - EcoClassification and EcoStatus determination in River EcoClassification: Index of Habitat Integrity.
Section 2, Photo guides : The manual explains the process of how to input the data into the IHI model to produce the final output:
IHI Aerial Survey : only applicable to the Aerial Survey (Appendix B):

RHAM - Rapid Habitat Assessment Method Manual :

DWAF, 2009. Rapid Habitat Assessment Model Manual. Report no RDM/ Nat/00/CON/0707. Authors: D Louw & CJ Kleynhans. Submitted by Water for Africa.

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