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The Groundwater Harvest Potential Map is the first attempt to provide quantitative information on sustainable rates of groundwater abstraction in South Africa on a country-wide basis.

The single A0 Map Sheet comprises:

  • Main Map

The main map depicts the maximum volume of groundwater that may be abstracted per square kilometer per annum without depleting the aquifers. Harvest Potential was determined from groundwater recharge and groundwater storage. (Scale 1 : 3 000 000).

  • 3 Inset Maps

    • Factors restricting Available Harvest: (Average annual recharge, variability of recharge, or volume of effective storage) (Scale 1 : 8 500 000)
    • Mean Borehole Yields (Scale 1 : 8 500 000)
    • Electrical Conductivity (Scale 1 : 8 500 000)
  • Text

A concise account of the determination of Harvest Potential, the applicability of the map, and a comparison of Harvest Potential with Exploitation Potential.

Please note: Harvest Potential gives the maximum rate at which groundwater can be sustainably abstracted. Local socio-economic or environmental factors could reduce this considerably. This map is intended to provide a national overview and perspective on sustainable abstraction. It cannot be used for local planning, development or management of groundwater. Such exercises require local investigations and assessments.


R30.00 per map (VAT, postage and packing included)

Copies of the map are obtainable from:
Directorate: National Hydrological Services
Private Bag X313
Tel: +27 12 336 7849
E-mail: georequests@dws.gov.za


Department Map Shop
Tel: +27 12 336 7249
E-mail: rbm@dws.gov.za

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