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The original set of the maps was compiled by Andiswa Matoti, Julian Conrad and Susan Jones, CSIR, 22 March 1999. The intention of this map is to indicate the aquifer classification system of South Africa, i.e. major, minor and poor aquifer regions as well as sole source aquifers. For more information on the aquifer classification system of South Africa refers to Water Research Commission (WRC) research report namely: ‘South African aquifer system management classification’; WRC Report No: KV 77/95; Author: Mr. Parsons R; Date Published: 12 January 1993.

Department Water and Sanitation in August 2012 is recompiled maps and replaced the sole source aquifers with water sources (groundwater and/or surface water) for selected towns and rural villages. The latest data of the water source is available from DWS Reconciliation Strategies.

For more information on the groundwater quality of South Africa refers to:

  • Water Research Commission (WRC) report namely: ‘A Groundwater Planning Toolkit for the Main Karoo Basin: Identifying and quantifying groundwater development options incorporating the concept of wellfield yields and aquifer firm yields’, WRC Report No: 1763/1/11; Authors: Murray R, Baker K, Ravenscroft P, Musekiwa C and Dennis R; Published: 2012, Pretoria, South Africa.

  • Department of Water and Sanitation, 1996. South African Water Quality Guidelines, Volume 1: Domestic Use. 2nd Edition, The Effects of Total Dissolved Solids. The Government Printer, Pretoria, South Africa. May 1996, 167-170

Aquifer Classification Map sets of South Africa

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