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Groundwater Resource Assessment II

In late 2003, the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) of South Africa initiated the Groundwater Phase 2 Project, which is aimed at the quantification of the groundwater resources of South Africa on a national scale. The project has been carried out by a consortium of consultants comprising SRK Consulting, GEOSS, WSM and CSIR (SGWC) in close collaboration with key DWS personnel and was completed in June 2005. Algorithms have been developed for the estimation of storage, recharge, base flow and the impact of the reserve and present groundwater used has been recorded. The results, in addition to methodology, include several valuable datasets and maps and will provide input to various levels of planning and management of water resources once reviewed and verified. The data, information and paper copies of technical reports can be obtained from georequests@dws.gov.za.

Geohydrological Reports

Geohydrological Reports are available at https://www.dws.gov.za/ghreport/Default.aspx. Users will be able to search the system. Alternatively mail your requests to georequests@dws.gov.za.

Research, Development & Implementation in South Africa

Water Resources Monitoring in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, Gauteng Province, South Africa


The Annual National State of Water Resources Report


Review, Evaluation and Optimisation of the National Water Resources Monitoring Network


Policy and Strategy

  • The Groundwater Strategy, 2010 [PDF - 16.2 MB]
    The Groundwater Strategy is divided into a series of themes or chapters, each of which has a number of recommended actions which address the challenges raised in the theme. The Strategy is designed as an input document to the National Water Resource Strategy (NWRS) 2nd edition.


Guidelines and Standards

  • Minimum Standards and Guidelines for Groundwater Development in Water Services and Sanitation Projects, April 1997
    A set of guidelines relating to the siting, drilling, equipping and testing of boreholes.
    • Part 1: Overview [PDF - 508 KB]
    • Part 2: Data Capture and Recording Forms, Drawings [PDF - 370 KB]
      The forms can be obtained from ngaur@dws.gov.za
    • Part 3: Documentation Associated with Procurement of Services [PDF - 4.25 MB]

Groundwater Master Plans

General Documentation

Hydrogeological Maps Brochures

The following brochures for hydrogeological map sheets are available at R50 each.  Please mail your queries and orders to georequests@dws.gov.za. Listed below are abstracts from the available brochures.


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