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Several map series are produced by the Department of which the Groundwater Level Maps are available online. Maps in the other series are available in hardcopy only and can be ordered from the Directorate: National Hydrological Services (see details on the right).

Published maps

Hydrogeological Map Series

The completed set of maps for the 1 : 500 000 scale hydrogeological map series (21 map sheets) are available from Department National Office.  The maps are available in hardcopy at a cost of R50 each.  For some of the maps, brochures have already been published and are also available at R50 each. The presentation on 1 : 2 000 000 scale of the 21 Hydrogeological maps is available from Department National Office.  Details of the current status of the mapping project are also available.

Harvest Potential Map Series  

The Groundwater Harvest Potential Map is the first attempt to provide quantitative information on sustainable rates of groundwater abstraction in South Africa on a country-wide basis.

Hydrogeological Regions

The map of hydrogeological regions (JR Vegter, 2001) is available only in hardcopy. Please order from the Directorate: National Hydrological Services.

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