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The Groundwater Strategy (GS) is the outcome of a three-year consultative process, led by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS). It is designed to ensure that groundwater is recognised, utilized and protected as an integral part of South Africa's water resource. The Strategy is divided into a series of themes or chapters, each of which has a number of recommended actions which address the challenges raised in the theme. The Strategy is designed as an input document to the National Water Resource Strategy (NWRS) 2nd edition.


The GS has been completed. If there are have any questions or comment please contact Fanus Fourie


The Groundwater Strategy, 2010 [PDF - 16.2 MB]

The following documents were produced to develop the Groundwater Strategy:

A Framework for a National Groundwater Strategy, February 2007 [PDF - 1.6 MB]

Literature Review: GRA1, GRA2 and International Groundwater Assessment Methods,  August 2009 [PDF - 1.9 MB]

A Proposed GRA3 Methodology, August 2009 [PDF - 1.4 MB]

Case Studies of Groundwater Use in South Africa: Groundwater Success Stories

Overview of Policy and Law pertaining to Groundwater in South Africa

Analysis of the Financial Impact of the Groundwater Strategy

Capacity Building Report, December 2008 , December 2008 [PDF - 500 KB]



No. 8 ‘A summary of project activities & outputs’ (click on the document for larger view)


The following maps that appear in the Groundwater Strategy document can be downloaded:

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