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NGA Business Modules available

NGA was developed with the main focus on point data known as Geosites.

Geosite Types comprise of Borehole, Drain, Dug Well, Lateral/Radial Arm Collector, Mine, Seepage Pond, Sinkhole,
Spring, Tunnel, Well Point.

Line and polygon data will be made available in future.

This table gives the latest business module information where data can be captured and stored for the respective
Geosite Types.

Business Value Module Name Data
Efficient management of water source Abstractions Groundwater volumes extracted
Discharge Rates Rate at which groundwater is abstracted
Equipment Installed Data regarding the monitoring or non-monitoring type of permanent equipment installed in a Geosite
Geosites linked to Bulk Meter Volumes from non-metered boreholes
Operational Recommendations Recommendation on use of Geosite
Pumping Test Details Interpretation and data analysis of Pumping Tests results
Yield Test The Calibration Test, Constant Yield, Multi-Rate Test and Step Test details as well as the data analysis for the Geosite
Water Levels Depth of water table below surface
Water Strikes Depths and yield where groundwater was encountered
Lithology Data regarding the Hydrogeological log - Lithology refers to the physical characteristics of rocks including colour, grain size, sorting, etc. * Based on BGS with adaptation from CGS.
Downhole Geophysics Metadata regarding geophysical measurements
Identify quality of water resource Field Measurements Indicate general quality of groundwater
Origin of Geosite data Geosite Information References Primary data e.g. Geohydrological report containing original data
Owners Information Person/organisation who owns the geosite
Site Visit Information Person who collected data
Construction & Development of Geosite Casings / Linings Depth and diameter of casing / linings
Construction Completions Administrative information regarding the construction of the Geosite, as well as the construction completion date for the Geosite
Depth and Diameters Data regarding the depth and diameter of a Geosite
Fill Materials Details of backfilling for borehole
Geosite Development Data regarding the development of a Geosite
Openings and Screens Perforations in the borehole casings
Piezometer Type of casing inserted in a Geosite in order to take measurements at different depths
Linking with other
systems (avoid duplication)
Other Numbers Any number linked to Geosite

*BGS: British Geological Survey.
*CGS: Council for GeoScience.

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