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  Water is life, sanitation is dignity

Resource Quality Information Services Data and Reports

A selection of data and reports related to water.

Water quality results

The national monitoring programmes mostly monitor "raw" surface water quality in rivers and dams and produce long-term trend reports and visualisations of, for example, chemistry, eutrophication, microbiology and ecosystems.

Browse water chemistry time-series graphs using Google Earth or text lists.

You may also request archived "raw" water quality data from the Resource Quality Information Services national monitoring programmes for specific rivers and dams by E-mail.

For retrospective studies, download an inorganic water chemistry dataset of rivers, dams, and lakes in South Africa, prepared from the DWS data, 1972-2011, by North-West University.

The DWS NIWIS dashboards integrate water-related data from many sources.

More ways of viewing water quality information

For other data requests, please try the following links:

Laws and Guidelines

Water Resource Quality Monitoring Protocols

Sustainable Development Goals

Water Quality Investigations





Geographical, GIS and EO

HRI Archive

International contacts archive

Assessment tool development archive

Archived spatial data queries

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